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Link Arms With Us

The Lord has put a burning in our hearts to begin this ministry, this initiative to better support marriages in the church, in this world we live in, so here we are, willing to serve and honored to do so. But this is after all, is a project, something that needs and requires everyone join and make it happen. We would love for you to join us, link arms and walk this journey with us to begin something truly impactful, something lasting, something needed in our church today.

One way you can link arms with us is to contribute in our community building efforts on Social Media! We need YOU to share your heart, your story, your marriage so we all can grow and learn from each other. We want to have more vulnerable conversations about marriage, but that only works if we are actually discussing them. SO we need written post submission for our Instagram/Facebook pages, we rely heavily on the wider community to pitch in on this initiative so we are hearing from many voices, many seasons and many scenarios in different marriages. You do not need to be on Instagram to submit your story, so check out these ways you can contribute and add more the heart of this ministry! If you are on Social Media, we would love for you to just be an active player in the community! .......

Marriage: In the Trenches Post Information and Submission Form

#LivingOutTheVows Post Information and Submission Form

Another way is check out our Patreon Site and consider financially helping and coming along side the mission of this project. I am sure it is no surprise to you that have financial support opens doors, opportunities, ways to grow and grow big and allows this ministry to also thrive.

CLICK HERE to head over to our Patreon site and see all the ways you can contribute and benefit even more from this ministry!

Lastly, join our monthly newsletter we are hoping to be distributing soon! We want to journey with, connect with you and grow in community, so join us! You can sign up by clicking HERE