The Vows Project

Your marriage is your Mission.

Why does The Vows Project exist? Because marriage matters. Your marriage matters. The world needs your marriage to thrive, and yet it often feels like the world is stacked against marriage, against lasting fidelity, and against authentic happiness. We created The Vows Project to support and build up Catholic marriages, with the aim of helping couples discover their mission in Christ together, and thrive. We believe that faith-filled, fun-filled, holy marriages have the power to transform the world.

The Vows Project is a ministry designed to support and equip Catholic spouses to live out their sacramental vows every single day.  We strive to bring about more honest and vulnerable conversations about marriage and the realities that couples face in today's culture, with the hope of creating authentic community and deeper connection with other couples. We want to dispel the myth that we are alone on this journey, and that we are alone in the Church. We want to encourage couples to begin - or to deepen - their relationship with Jesus Christ, placing Him at the center of their marriages through the pursuit of virtue, growth in holiness, and active engagement in personal prayer and a shared prayer life.

We are rooted in the Catholic faith and faithful to the Magisterium.  We want to invite couples to discover an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ in their marriages, found in the heart of the timeless teachings of the Catholic Church.

We see the need, the void that exists in the Church, and we feel it too.


It's time to have something within the Church to nurture and support marriages of all ages and stages; not only a safety net to catch couples in crisis or a roadmap to hand to engaged couples, but accompaniment for a lifetime, through the good and the bad and every season in between.


Now, more than ever, the Church needs the laity to rise up, to enter more deeply into the missionary identity rooted in baptism and called forth by the New Evangelization. 

We want your marriage to thrive. Because when your marriage is rooted in Christ, it has the capacity to become a force for profound good in the world. 

Currently The Vows project is producing meaningful and impactful content on social media, via Instagram and Facebook, building community and raising awareness of the dignity of the vocation of marriage.  We have on retreat on the calendar so far, and we can't wait to build upon what has begun in the virtual world, transforming online community into real life relationships. We hope to produce more retreats in more locations in the future.  We also want to expand in other ways, including a podcast and future products and tools designed to feed marriages. Check out the different ways you can join us, contribute and link arms with us HERE.

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